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Title: Jedi Toy Archives - Re-organization
Post by: Nicklab on September 07, 2015, 07:46:12 AM
You may have noticed a little bit of housecleaning going on with THE JEDI TOY ARCHIVES (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=87.0).  It's an effort to get things a little more organized regarding some of the older lines.  In the new format there are now sub-boards for the individual Hasbro lines from the past several years.  These sub-boards will include the Line Indexes/checklists along with archived news from the LATEST NEWS board for each of these lines.  The lines that are now represented include:

THE VINTAGE COLLECTION (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=123.0)

THE BLACK SERIES (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=128.0)

DISCOVER THE FORCE / MOVIE HEROES (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=127.0)

SHADOWS OF THE DARK SIDE (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=126.0)

THE LEGACY COLLECTION (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=124.0)

CLONE WARS (http://njswcc.com/index.php?board=125.0)