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 on: February 16, 2018, 09:26:34 PM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
Check out some Instagram images from Hasbro's press reception tonight courtesy of Hasbro's Steve Evans.  He's got images of the following:

-TVC Imperial Tank Trooper
-Imperial Combat Assault Tank
-TVC Dr. Aphra (Fan's Choice Figure Poll Winner)

And there's this blurb from regarding the Imperial Combat Assault Tank:
"Factoid... One of the three orange kyber crystal crates opens up and you can remove a kyber crystal canisters AND then remove the kyber crystal from that"

 on: February 16, 2018, 07:51:43 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
The 2018 New York International Toy Fair kicks off this weekend.  Hasbro will be having their event with collector media tomorrow.  And if they hold true to form, they will likely be revealing some select items at a reception this evening.  Check back here for links to the newsmaking items that will be turning up throughout the weekend.

 on: February 16, 2018, 05:09:11 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
This is the line index for Hasbro Star Wars offerings for the SOLO - A STAR WARS STORY toy line.  As always, this list is a work in progress as Hasbro continues to reveal new offerings:



___  Chewbacca
___  Qi'ra
___  K-2SO
___  Maz Kanata
___  Luke Skywalker (THE LAST JEDI)  REISSUE
___  Mimban Stormtrooper
___  Range Trooper

___  Princess Leia Organa (Hoth)
___  Supreme Leader Snoke REISSUE

___  Han Solo with Force Link Gauntlet

___  Lando Calrissian & Kessel Guard
___  Han Solo & Chewbacca (Mimban)

___  Nemesis Chariot with Nemesis
___  Wampa with Luke Skywalker
___  Rathtar with Bala Tik REISSUE

___  Han Solo's Landspeeder
___  A-wing fighter with Pilot Tallie  REISSUE

___  Kessel Run Millennium Falcon with Han Solo

 on: February 15, 2018, 05:26:26 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
The 3.75" figures look reasonably good.  They're all 5 POA, which is disappointing.  But the likenesses are pretty good. 

The Falcon?  I kind of like the fact that it looks different.  It ties in with some of the dialogue from the OT, like when Han said "I've made some special modifications myself", or when Lando said in TESB "What have you done to my ship?".  I also suspect that at some point in the movie, some of those special modifications are going to start happening.  As for the toy itself?  The $99 price point is a lot easier to accept.  I think Hasbro has recognized some of the psychological/financial barriers that have kept people from buying $100+ and $200+ vehicles.

The 6" TBS figures look pretty good.  But I definitely get the reactions to the Imperial Range Trooper.  It definitely looks like a bit of a departure from previous troopers.  But I also see hints of equipment and gear from the prequels, ROGUE ONE and the OT.  I'm also curious to see these guys in action, because I think those boots might integrate with some kind of vehicle.

 on: February 14, 2018, 12:11:22 PM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Gregorbian
I'm digging the new Han Solo and Lando 6" figures. 

I don't like the new Stormtrooper design - it doesn't seem to fit in with prior incarnations of the Stormtrooper (I thought Rogue One did a great job with their new Stormtrooper designs). 

I don't really like the jacket on Qi'Ra, but otherwise her design is fine. 

I stopped collecting 3 3/4" figures so I don't really care about these new ones.

 on: February 14, 2018, 11:42:28 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
There have been a significant number of reveals today for both the 3.75" figure system and the 6" figure lines for SOLO - A STAR WARS STORY.  What do you think so far?

 on: February 14, 2018, 09:29:35 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
Check out i09's article about the SOLO - A STAR WARS STORY 6" Black Series line!

Exclusive: Here Are the First Solo: A Star Wars Story Action Figures, and Lando Is a Masterpiece

 on: February 14, 2018, 09:11:21 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
Check out some official images!

First look at Hasbro's new toys for Solo: A Star Wars Story

A new movie is racing toward us from a galaxy far, far away, which means fans will need to clear more shelf space. Here’s EW’s exclusive preview of Hasbro’s Solo: A Star Wars Story collection ahead of New York’s Toy Fair

There’s a new (old) version of a familiar starship emerging from this movie. The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon includes a young Han Solo action figure — along with clues about why the Falcon looks so sleek and different, just a few years before the events of the original Star Wars. (Retail price: $99)

Break-Away Panels

From Hasbro: "Press the button to pretend that the iconic starship kicks in to hyperdrive with lights and sounds. Press the button a second time for accelerated lights and sounds as well as activate the rumble pack vibrations! Push the button a third time to pretend that your ship picks up even more speed and watch the panels pop off before rumbling to the finish line."

Young Han

Here's the 3.75-inch young Han Solo figure included with the ship, sculpted to resemble actor Alden Ehrenreich. We don't yet have a full explanation of what's in that dual cannister he's carrying. Contraband of some sort, no doubt.

Hiding Spots

There's a captain's quarters in the back, along with a storage room, tucked below two other panels. But most interesting to fans is why the nose of the Falcon is narrower and tapered instead of the familiar forked design.

Ralph McQuarrie-inspired look

This "new car" version of the Falcon reflects its ownership (at this point in history) by Lando Calrissian, whose action figure hasn't been revealed yet. The Star Wars Show revealed that the look was inspired by the original trilogy's legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.


Slight spoiler here: Are those cannons canon? Sometimes the toys include bonus blasters, but the nost of this toys appears to have weapons that swing out from the front. And the nose clearly pulls out into a separate, smaller ship. That's similar to The Ghost starship from the animated Star Wars: Rebels. But what happens to this section of the falcon in Solo?

Force Link 2.0

With The Last Jedi, Hasbro introduced this device, which generates sounds based on the individual character or vehicle. This Solo version includes another new young Han figure (see next slide) and can generate audio for the figure and the mini-ship that accompany the Falcon. (Retail: $29.99)

Han Solo

This is the Alden Ehrenreich-styled version of young Han Solo that comes with the Force Link 2.0 starter pack. The wristwatch-like speaker creates sounds not only for this toy, but for the other action figures as well.


Emilia Clarke's mystery woman Qi'ra is another new action figure. This version is the younger version of the character, during her speeder-racing days with Han on the industrial world of Corellia. (Retail for all individual Solo figures is $7.99.)

New Chewbacca

Chewbacca doesn't change much. He's hundreds of years old, and just middle aged for a Wookiee, so the whole Star Wars series plays out as only a small chapter of his life. In Solo, as with this Hasbro toy, he does have a fancier bandolier with an extra shoulder strap.


Kaytoo from Rogue One could technically make an appearance in Solo, given the intersecting chronology, but Hasbro says they're only re-releasing this figure because it now comes enabled with audio tech for the Force Link band.

 on: February 14, 2018, 08:08:23 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
Check out some official LEGO images of the Millennium Falcon from SOLO - A STAR WARS STORY in THIS TWEET

 on: February 14, 2018, 07:16:46 AM 
Started by Nicklab - Last post by Nicklab
Check out this clip posted at SWNN.  It's a scene between Ezra and Kanan, and might be a glimpse at the changing dynamic between the two Jedi.

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