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Author Topic: NJSWCC Trade & Sales Guidelines  (Read 2719 times)


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NJSWCC Trade & Sales Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2009, 08:38:35 PM »

Reposting this in the interest of getting this part of the board back up and running.

GENERAL GUIDELINES - The NJSWCC exists primarily to bring New Jersey based collectors together in a sense of community, but also for the purposes of trading, buying and selling.  However it is not a flea market.  Please try to adhere to the following guidelines regarding trades, sales & purchases.

NO SCALPING - There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on scalping at the NJSWCC.  Scalping is defined as the buying of HTF items with the sole intent of reselling them at an overly inflated price.  Any member who is found to be scalping will be subject to suspension or even banning from the NJSWCC.

ONLINE AUCTIONS - Online auctions are a reality of modern collecting.  However, you may not post links to your online auctions in these forums.

If you are going to offer an item for sale at the NJSWCC, it should be offered here or in other collecting forums only, and not in competition with online auctions.  Doing so is tantamount to posting a link to an online auction.

Should your item fail to sell or be traded at the NJSWCC and you wish to resort to an online auction, you may do so as you please.  However when this occurs you must remove the item for sale from the NJSWCC Trade & Sale forums.  This can be done simply by editing the post in which you originally offered the item for sale or trade.

EQUITABLE TRADING & SELLING - Trades & sales should be done at fair market value.  Traded items should be offered for items of similar trade or cash value.  And likewise, sales should be done at fair market value.  Some basic research with price guides and other forums will get you fair market value prices if you wish to make a sale.  And if you are exclusively interested in selling an item, you must post a price.

CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS - Clear communications are essential in an open trading area.  If you are going to offer an item for sale or trade, please communicate with the interested parties in a timely fashion.  And interested buyers/traders are expected to do the same with the sellers they communicate with.

Trades & sales should also be conducted in a timely fashion.  Once terms are agreed to, an acceptable period for a transaction to take place is 1 - 2 weeks.  The exception being when alternate terms have been agreed upon by both parties.

Additionally, it is incumbent upon all members to keep both their wants lists and trade/sale lists as up to date as possible.

NEW MEMBERS  The NJSWCC is an active trading community.  And as such there are a number of members who post regularly.  However, before a new member can begin to post in the MOS ESPA MARKETPLACE forums, they must introduce themselves to the NJSWCC comminity in the NEW MEMBERS forum.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the new member's posts from the MOS ESPA MARKETPLACE forums.  This policy is designed to offer some transparency to the entire membership of the NJSWCC as it pertains to whomever they are making deals with on this site.

Question?  Comments?  Feel free to post them in this thread if you have concerns or questions about the NJSWCC's Trade & Sale guidelines.

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