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Author Topic: Jedidefender Custom Contest  (Read 2633 times)


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Jedidefender Custom Contest
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2009, 11:16:09 PM »

Check out JEDIDEFENDER'S new custom figure contest.  They've posted the rules HERE.

The rule are as follows:

Here it is... it is pretty simple.

3 Catagories:  Most Production Level (looks most like a Hasbro figure)
                    Most Creative
                    Most unique use of non-sw parts to create a SW figure

Then 2 Judges Prizes picked by staff randomly.

You can Choose any figure listed on the JD.com Top 30 wishlist that we are sending to Hasbro (sorry Jocasta Nu fans).

It is going to run for 2 months, so get your entries in before Nov 1. 

I also ask that you "register" with me with a simple "I'm in" type message. Either a PM or forum post will work just fine. 

On Nov 1.  We will get a gallery going with the photos, (you can submit 2 photos) then there will be a vote of JD.com members AS OF Nov 1.  (Sorry again Jocasta Nu Fans) That is how this one will work a straight up vote by the JD.com community.  If there is a bunch of voter fraud or ballot stuffing, the next contest will be judged differently.

There will be a discussion thread, feel free to post pics of WIPs or keep your project to yourself, it is up to you.   You can enter as many customs as you wish, but there will only be 1 prize per person. 

The prizes are up in the air right now, we are working with Sponsors (you've seen the banners on the site, click them from the main page, buy stuff, we like them)..but for now I anticipate Gift Cards to advertisers instead of merchandise (it ships cheaper). But the more participants we get, the more we will try to award prizes.

Be sure to check out the main contest thread in the customs forum.

Rules are subject to change and prizes may vary.

And in case anyone is having trouble finding it here is our Top 30 List once again:

1. Bom Vimdin 16. Emperor Palpatine (Senate Duel)
2. Weequay (Skiff Master) 17. Endor Rebel Soldier (Super Articulated Resculpt)
3. Bespin Han Solo (Super Articulated Resculpt) 18. Fozec
4. Torryn Farr 19. Kithaba
5. Doctor Evazan (Super Articulated Resculpt) 20. Lumat/Wompus
6. Ponda Baba (Super Articulated Resculpt) 21. Nien Nunb (Super Articulated Resculpt)
7. Hoth Princess Leia (Super Articulated Resculpt) 22. Nikto (Vintage version)
8. Rebel Fleet Trooper (Super Articulated Resculpt)    23. Sim Aloo
9. ANH Grand Moff Tarkin (Super Articulated Resculpt) 24. Zam Wessel (Super Articulated Resculpt)
10. Hoth Rebel Soldier (Echo Base) 25. Tonnika Sisters (2-Pack)
11. Hoth Luke Skywalker (Super Articulated Resculpt) 26. Joruus C'baoth
12. Mosep 27. Admiral Pellaeon
13. Sergeant Doallyn 28. Imperial Commander (SA Black Tunic)
14. Admiral Ackbar (Super Articulated Resculpt) 29. Guri
15. Cliegg Lars 30. Bastilla Shan

(Note once again that Jocasta Nu isn't on the list... )
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