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Author Topic: Celebration 6 - Hasbro News & Images  (Read 957 times)


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Re: Celebration 6 - Hasbro News & Images
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2012, 07:28:12 PM »

Check out these bullet news points that came out of Celebration 6!

Jedi-Business had the chance to talk to some of the Hasbro Star Wars team members at Celebration VI. A big thank you to Derryl DePriest, Mark Boudreaux and Brian Merten for taking their time to answer some questions throughout the convention and showcasing new min-rig style vehicles and figures before they were on display at their booth.

Here is the information we gathered:

•It's not out of the possibility that we will see more super articulated figures with classic Kenner paint decos (like the Jedi-Con/Celebration V exclusive 4-LOM/Zuckuss 2-pack from the Vintage Collection). The team mentioned noncanonical figures like the blue Snaggletooth, the blue Power Droid, and also a super bright Greedo for example. Currently none of those figures are slotted in, but it's something they've discussed internally.
•There are no plans at this point to do prequel characters in a vintage-look from the 70's and 80's. There will be figures with five points of articulation, but with a more modern sculpting sensibility to deliver the essence of the character better.
•McQuarrie action figures ... right now there are no more plans for more figures, but the door is definintely not closed. They seemed to have gotten that question a lot. However, the earliest we MIGHT see more McQuarrie figures would be in a couple of years. So, there will be no Ralph McQuarrie Holiday Ewok any time soon.
•There are now so many sub-interests in Star Wars to cover that it's gotten more and more difficult to slot figures in (video game figures, McQuarrie figures, comic book figures etc...). The team has now fewer slots for figures to work with than what they had in 2006/2007/2008 for example.
•Out of necessity, Hasbro in general has been cutting back on the number of products they produce.
•They would like to do more realistic-style Clone Wars figures, but again, slots for figures are limited.
•They have not been increasing the scale of the figures on purpose (as seen on the new Vintage Collection Clone Trooper mold, Vintage Collection ANH Vader or Vintage Collection Lando General).
•There are no plans for Build-A-Droid-style cantina pieces or the cantina dispensary at this time.
•A Big Sandcrawler is still a no. They looked at it, but no, not at this time.
•The team wasn't sure which Kithaba figure from the Vintage Collection was the corrected one (red bandana or brown/blueish/greenish bandana).
•The team wasn't sure what Dr. Evazan is the corrected one, painted or unpainted scar.
•Distribution ... they over estimated demand for the Phantom Menace, they've learned from it and 2013 will be much better again
•The 2013 Legacy Collection will have a loose street date. Retailers in CANADA will reset their planograms on February 1st and in the United States retailers will reset the toy aisles on February 11th. Expect new figures to show up in stores around those dates.
•The new class II vehicles are much smaller than previous releases. They tried to reduce cost to keep vehicles at a $20 price point. They are smaller than before, but still fit the 3'75 inch figures. The Republic Fighter Tank only has two screws in it, which is great from a production point of view as it reduces labor and saves money.
•We will still see vehicles in the regular scale, but much more likely as exclusives.
•Each mini-rig style vehicle will come with two figures (hero and villain), the price point will be at $19.99.
•Yoda, which comes with the Jedi Cruiser mini-rig has a new head, which has the headset sculpted on
•The chair from the Jedi Cruiser mini-rig can be taken out of the vehicle, which adds playability (now Yoda can use it as a hover chair)
•Domes can be exchanged with Build-A-Droid domes on the vehicle (nice!)
•The AT-RT mini rig and the Republic Attack Dropship mini-rig vehicles are repaints and have the 501st blue paint deco, this was done on purpose to offer a "set" on the shelf.
•Both vehicles actually have "501" painted on them.
•The clone pilot included with the Republic Attack Dropship fits into the cockpit, it's very tight, but it fits.
•The MTT Droid Fighter attaches nicely to the actual big-size MTT vehicle.
This is the information we got away with from talking to Hasbro at their booth.

Here is the information we gathered from the Hasbro presentation:

•There is a large-size X-Wing fighter coming in 2013 in vintage-style packaging as a store exclusive
•There will be over 30 figures in the 2013 Legacy Collection
•Biggs Darklighter from wave 2 has a new portrait and his height was corrected
•Luke Skywalker from wave 2 is mostly all new (new Yavin medal with more details, new blaster)
•Mara Jade (Fan's Choice winner) comes with a lit and non-lit lightsaber, the holster can stay on the hip, or be attached to the back, the lightsaber hilt attaches to her hip
•The Clone Pilot from wave 2 has an updated helmet
•The A-Wing pilot is based on a pilot seen in the background, while Han Solo talks to Lando, before taking off to Endor
•Wave 2 of the Legacy Collection will be out at retail within two months after the initial launch in Februrary
•Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker from the first wave of 2013 Clone Wars will be new
•The K-Mart exclusive vintage AT-ST, along with the AT-ST Driver and Ewok 2-pack are based on the movie scene where 2 Ewoks capture the AT-ST (together with Chewbacca)
•At the end of the presentation, Hasbro hinted at a Slave I in vintage-style packaging
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Celebration 6 - Hasbro News & Images
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 09:08:36 PM »

Check out Sir Steve's Guide's photos of some of what was on display for the first day of Celebration 6 in the Hasbro booth!
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