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Author Topic: Star Wars Rebels - The Visual Guide  (Read 1081 times)


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Star Wars Rebels - The Visual Guide
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2014, 08:44:40 AM »

TOS just announced Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide

Like every other fan I was thrilled to read the original May 2013 press release about a new animated series called Star Wars Rebels. I was equally excited to learn that it would be helmed by Dave Filoni and many of the same great folks who worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I had high hopes for Rebels, but like everyone else I thought it would be a long wait before I finally glimpsed very much of it. I never imagined at that time that I, a mere fan, would eventually write the guidebook that introduced the series!

I began working on Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide very early this year. It was only my second Star Wars book for DK, after Star Wars: What Makes a Monster? The first images I saw from Rebels were of Chopper and Ezra, followed by the rest of the crew from the Ghost and the main villains. Immediately I knew the team nailed this thing. The designs I saw were all firmly rooted in the spirit of Star Wars that I knew as a kid in the early 1980s. Chopper looked just like a droid that could have been hiding in the corner of the Jawa sandcrawler in A New Hope, and Zeb clearly harkened back to Ralph McQuarrie’s famous proto-Chewbacca sketches. Characters, landscapes, cities, vehicles, props — even the color palettes they used — all of it harkened back to McQuarrie paintings, Joe Johnston sketches, and the familiar design sensibilities of vintage Star Wars.

I relished each new item of reference material that I was given. As I read the scripts and met characters both new and familiar, I could hear the scores of John Williams (and to his credit, also those of Kevin Kiner) in my mind. When I came upon TIE fighter dogfights, speeder chases, and blaster battles with Imperial stormtroopers, it all stirred up my own memories of seeing the original Star Wars at a drive-in theater as a child.
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